Blacklight Guild Rules10.09.2016

  1. We're using rank system. Trial takes from 2 weeks minimum to one month, that depends on attendance and performance. Two weeks means you've to attend continuously at least 4 raids full time.
  2. Loot system - Master Loot.  All ranks have prio loot over trial rank.
  3. Voice chat - Team Speak 3.0.
  4. Raid days - Wednesday and Sunday. Invite at 19:15 CET. Raid over at 22:30.
  5. Optional raid day is Monday. If we've online setup and people want to raid.


You will find server adress and password in Guild Info.

Download Teamspeak

About Blacklight02.09.2016

Blacklight is an international guild which has been raiding since TBC. We are made towards the long-term perspective, with emphasis on taking care of our members and providing a positive social atmosphere throughout our experiences in World of Warcraft. We keep up in progression despite raiding a short week. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact us.

We are currently recruiting skilled and dedicated players who believe they have what it takes to be good enough for raiding mythic.

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